Hub & Spoke Model

The ‘Hub and Spoke Model’ is a very innovative and a three-dimensional method of coming together of great research minds from institutes and the resources from the industry. While it is employed in many parts of the world, the MNR FRI is the first in Telangana to start the Hub and Spoke model for ‘Medical-based’ research.

The aim is to give wings to the creative ideas of the researchers with the help of industrial partners and then to do a final testing at our laboratories to analyse and optimize the results before releasing the product into the market.

While there are immense advantages of Hub and Spoke model, some of the significant ones include:

  • Giving a platform for the researchers to take their ideas and research to the next level.
  • Industrial participation even at the initial level of research.
  • Brainstorming of ideas between the researchers and the pharmaceutical industries.
  • A quick resolution of problems both at research and testing levels.

Creating innovative and extremely viable solutions for medical problems

We, at MNR FRI are aiming to take all advantage of the ‘Hub and Spoke’ model to create remarkable medical solutions in near future.