Shri. M.N. Raju 

Chairman, MNR Educational Trust.

Shri. Ravi Varma Mantena 

Vice-Chairman, MNR Educational Trust.



MNR Educational Trust, under the able guidance and management of the founder, Sri M. N. Raju, and with the assistance and unwavering support of Sri Ravi Varma Mantena, has overcome many challenges to emerge into one of the premier institutions of the country.
The MNR Foundation for Research & Innovation (MNR-FRI), founded under the MNR Trust, is a non-profit research foundation, established in the year 2016 under the section -8 of Companies Act, 2013 and is another exquisite gem in their crown. The mission of MNR-FRI is to promote scientific endeavors by encouraging, rewarding and channeling national and international knowledge and making the Faculty and Research scholars of MNR Institutions experts in Science and Technology.

              “” The vision of the MNR Foundation for Research and innovation is in alignment with those of the MNR trust and foundation. The Vice-Chairman of the Trust, Sri Ravi Varma, through this initiative, has taken one encouraging and fulfilling step towards the holistic development of the Trust.””

The mission of the foundation includes:

  • Develop and encourage the faculty and students of MNR Higher Education Institutions including Medical, Dental, Pharmacy, Homoeopathy, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Engineering, Basic and Life Sciences Institutions to bring in their innovative ideas to the table and work on Ideas.
  • Believe and act upon the fact that basic long-term research provides the foundation for the future development of any Institution.

  • The research policy of the FRI Institution aims to develop and promote scientific temper and research aptitude of all learners.
  • To help identify research areas of academic, practical and socially significant ideologies and ideas, thus contributing to national development.